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Concrete Contractor – Growing Pains

A Company doubles its gross sales, how they regained control. There is an old adage, “the only thing worse than having no work is having too much.” That’s what happened to the Lindblad Construction Company based in Joliet, Illinois. They were a $27 million...

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OSHA’s Crystalline Silica Rule: Construction

OSHA is issuing two standards to protect workers from exposure to respirable crystalline silica—one for construction, and the other for general industry and maritime—in order to allow employers to tailor solutions to the specific conditions in their workplaces. Read...

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Setting Anchor Bolts

by Joe Nasvik | Concrete Construction Setting anchor bolts may sound like a simple task in preparing a slab or foundation for placement. But for industrial/commercial concrete contractors it can become a very complicated and important detail. Some contractors are...

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Constructing a Mat Slab

For Lindblad Construction,this project was a new high in low-heat concrete placement. By Joe Nasvik After 56 years, the coal-fired power plant was worn out and obsolete. Corn Products International, Westchester, Ill., built the boilers and generators on late 1948 to...

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Danger in Trenches: Excavation Shorcuts Cost Lives

A brief lapse in judgment or a shortcut to save a little time could result in tragedies that impact workers and their loved ones forever. David A. Ward Sr. | May 23, 2016 How many times do we see utility workers, sewer workers or construction workers working...

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OSHA updates silica standard: What you need to know

March 25, 2016 By Fred Hosier In one of the most significant safety regulation changes in years, OSHA has announced its final rule to further limit workers’ exposure to respirable silica dust. The biggest change from OSHA’s existing silica regulation: a reduction in...

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New workers, higher risk

Experts say orientation, training are crucial to keeping new workers safe Sarah Trotto | May 22, 2016 Imagine you’re starting a new job. You have to meet your co-workers, learn the ins and outs of the company, and begin performing your duties. Meanwhile, you have to...

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