Lindblad Construction’s Management Engagement & Commitment to Construction Safety

Preserving safety on the job to ensure that our employees go home safely is a top priority.

scott-and-jeff-body-copyManagement and Ownership at Lindblad has a prominent role in preserving safety on the jobsite and ensuring that all employees go home safely. While safety is everyone’s responsibility, it must begin with management.

Management and Ownership encourage open communication and frequently visit jobsites. Project Managers and Superintendents work closely with field forces to ensure deadlines are met; quality work is completed; and safety is always first.

Lindblad Construction’s Management Commitment to Safety

Lindblad Construction Company of Joliet, Inc. has always considered safety of prime importance in every job. Lindblad is determined to use its facilities, resources, and technical expertise to the fullest extent in achieving safe operation.

A corporate safety program and policy has been established.  The purpose of which is to provide an organized, continuing endeavor to reduce to a minimum undesirable occurrences and conditions resulting in injury to employees, damage or loss to company property, public liability claims or adverse public relations.  The objective has been to develop a practical and reasonable program which fully implements Lindblad’s safety policy.

Each member of Management must accept without reservation, the principle that accident prevention is an integral part to every job.

As a supplement to the above commitment, Lindblad has enacted a ZERO TOLERANCE policy. The ZERO TOLERANCE policy is not intended to seek punishment but rather, provide clear expectations for the workforce. The ZERO TOLERANCE policy has been developed to hold accountable all employees of Lindblad by making clear the expectations as well as the ramifications should a rule or program be violated.

Lindblad Construction helps the minimization of exposure to hazards on job sites through innovative technology

A key component to the elimination of injuries is the minimization of exposure to hazards on a jobsite. Having control of hazards in the workplace through technology is instrumental in ensuring field forces leave their shifts in the same manner that they arrived.

Lindblad has evolved and maneuvered through the years by embracing technological advancement within the industry. Lindblad Safety has implemented technological tools that have enhanced job-site hazard awareness & mitigation; open communication; and document control.

“Lindblad’s Superintendent and Project Manager both provided exceptional support during construction by maintaining safe work practice, identifying issues, questioning attitude, and resolution of unexpected issues.”
– Commonwealth Edison

“Working with Lindblad Construction was a very positive experience for our facility. We found their pre-construction preparation to be very thorough. Employee training records, required documentation and other logistics were all in order prior to work commencing. Day one, they came prepared with all materials necessary and equipment which was in very good condition and working order. There was no running out to get this or that to keep the project moving forward. Their employees were on time each day, very professional and followed all policies and procedures set forth by our facility. Their onsite management presence was very impressive with attention to detail and safety concerns. The project was completed on time and all quality control issues were dealt with as they arose. We are very pleased with the finished product and would not hesitate at all to do business with Lindblad Construction again.”