Performance in the harshest weather conditions and on the toughest terrain


Hydrovac excavation is used as a safe alternative to mechanical excavation in order to prevent damage to buried utilities. Hydrovac excavation allows crews to excavate safely while navigating buried facilities such as oil & gas lines, energized lines, water-mains, sewage pathways, and communication lines.

Lindblad’s Mud Dog® 1600 is capable of performance in the harshest weather conditions and on the toughest terrain. The exterior waterlines are heated & insulated to prevent water from freezing during winter work. The truck’s water system is also equipped with winter recirculation and an anti-freeze system throughout.

The truck is equipped with a 2000 gallon capacity water tank and an internal body flush-out system to rid the tank of debris.


“Very good work, responded to difficult site conditions with many/unexpected obstructions encountered underground. No safety incidents. Very good site foreman”.

– Commonwealth Edison

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