Lindblad Construction Client Testimonials

We work diligently to be irreplaceable in an ever-competitive market with a knowledgeable workforce, commitment to safety and professionalism for our clients.

“Ross was very diligent on communicating with Michels team and client inspector to ensure compliance in all quality areas. The Lindblad team was great to work with. They provided value in communicating their plan. We appreciate the safety and work ethic culture that Lindblad has and hope to work on another project together.”

– Michels Corporation

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Provided value in communicating their plan

“Everything that Jimmy Perkne did aligned with the finish product, whether it was the tank foundation or the structural columns. All his work was top quality, cleanup of the site was always done a daily basis. Great Job!”

– The Dow Company/DuPont

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Work was top quality

“The foreman was on top of safety throughout this project. The crew performed the work within the allotted scheduled time. This was much appreciated by all involved on our end.”

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On top of Safety

“Lindblad Construction has always managed to work within budget, providing an excellent product on new build-outs, remodels, and reconfigurations. Their ability to understand building codes, requirements and possible pit falls has been instrumental in making our projects seamless, professional and cost-effective.”

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Instrumental and Seamless

“Lindblad Construction accommodated us on very short notice when Joliet Memorial Stadium needed emergency structural repairs, allowing us to honor contractual obligations to our sponsors and the community. They have consistently provided us with quality construction for decades.”

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Accommodated on Short Notice

“Lindblad has demonstrated how a small business can deliver high-quality construction services at a cost-effective price to not only meet the needs of the client but exceed them.”

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High Quality Construction

“To the heroes of the moment, Lindblad (and this is not intended to minimize any contribution by any other team member) a special THANK YOU! The Lindblad crews were tasked with making this all come together without prior experience in ever installing a floodwall. They worked 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and made personal sacrifices to ensure the project stayed on track. Thank you to the Project Manager for your overall leadership and commitment to Client success. If I’m ever faced with a similar situation, Lindblad is the kind of contractor I want on my team, for you have proven you are able to deliver under pressure thorough what seemed to be at times overwhelming circumstances.”

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Deliver Under Pressure

“I have never been disappointed by any work performed by Lindblad. In the case of these flood projects, they delivered a first ever flood mitigation solution, under extreme time pressure because of a commitment made to our CEO.”

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Never Disappointed

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