Why Choose Lindblad Construction?

Safety, Quality & Reliability

Lindblad Construction’s Knowledgeable Workforce & Commitment to Safety & Professionalism

With more than 68 years of experience Lindblad works diligently to be irreplaceable in an ever-competitive market. Lindblad strives to foster a knowledgeable workforce and a commitment to safety and professionalism that is evident on all job-sites.

  • Safety 100% 100%
  • Quality 100% 100%
  • Reliability 100% 100%

Lindblad Construction Core Values

Lindblad Construction’s Safety Program is a group effort that begins with field forces and is reinforced by Lindblad Ownership and Management. Safety is more than a priority, it is a value.
Client Testimonial “I was extremely pleased with safety executed during the life of the project.”
Lindblad ensures that the job is always done right so that remedial action is not needed.
Client Testimonial “Lindblad has demonstrated how a small business can deliver high-quality construction services at a cost-effective price to not only meet the needs of [client] but exceed them.”
Lindblad’s reliable and controlled project environments result in the highest level of safety and quality. We use only pre-qualified and trusted subcontractors and suppliers in order to provide our customers the highest quality service.
Client Testimonial “Lindblad crews consistently perform work safely, produce high quality work, and leave the jobsite clean and orderly after their work is completed, and customer service is demonstrated as important via their flexibility working around [client] schedules and their communications to us related to their timelines and updates along the way.”
“To the heroes of the moment, Lindblad (and this is not intended to minimize any contribution by any other team member) a special THANK YOU! The Lindblad crews were tasked with making this all come together without prior experience in ever installing a floodwall. They worked 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and made personal sacrifices to ensure the project stayed on track. Thank you to the Project Manager for your overall leadership and commitment to client success. If I’m ever faced with a similar situation, Lindblad is the kind of contractor I want on my team, for you have proven you are able to deliver under pressure through what seemed to be at times overwhelming circumstances.”
- Commonwealth Edison

“Thank you for all your hard work in making this a project we can be proud of.”
- US Army Corps of Engineers

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