Safety Training & Workforce Development

Lindblad Construction Safety Training & Workforce Development

Lindblad crew in workforce development group shop

Lindblad Construction’s Focus on Employee and Management Development

training-wd-body-copyIn order to ensure Lindblad is the quintessential contractor on all jobsites, Lindblad focuses on the development of the individual employee, from management down to each skilled craftsman.

Employee Orientation and Training

All employees hired by Lindblad receive new employee orientation and any additional specific training needed for the job assignment, client or specific work site. Employees arrive at their first assigned jobsite fully aware of Lindblad Safety Rules, expectations, and the understanding that all employees have the obligation to stop work should they feel a task is unsafe.

Lindblad Construction’s Safety Prominent Initiative

Lindblad Safety’s prominent initiative has been the implementation of a Workforce Development Plan. The key component is to advance management and crew leaders with the intent of inspiring employees to work collectively toward mutual goals. Workforce development reflects Lindblad’s commitment to safety and professionalism as well as creates an overarching safety culture through ethical leadership. An educated and knowledgeable workforce will prove to be a proactive entity moving forward as Lindblad continues to grow.

Workforce Development Training outdoors

“Lindblad Construction accommodated us on very short notice when Joliet Memorial Stadium needed emergency structural repairs, allowing us to honor contractual obligations to our sponsors and the community. They have consistently provided us with quality construction for decades.”
– Joliet Park District

“There was a strong safety presence, attitude, and open discussions that contributed to a safe project for everyone involved.”
- Price Gregory