Lindblad Construction’s General Contractor & Subcontractor Safety Values


As a premiere General Contractor, Lindblad partners with only the most dependable & trusted subcontractors. Subcontracted companies must share Lindblad’s core values… Safety, Quality, and Reliability.

Subcontractor Training and Compliance

On Lindblad jobsites, subcontractors are held to the same standards as Lindblad crews; subcontractors are required to actively participate in jobsite safety, and are always included in daily safety briefs and audits. Lindblad understands that all contractors have opportunities for improvement; we are willing to assist with relevant training and compliance to meet Lindblad and client requirements.
Subcontractors interested in Lindblad’s prequalification process can contact Lindblad Construction here.

“Foreman and Lindblad crew, with the support of subcontractors, have done an exceptional job maintaining safety focus and ensuring a quality installation. The work has been exceptionally challenging…requiring agility and patience, both of which the foreman has led his team to exhibit in every instance.”

“Lindblad’s Superintendent and Project Manager both provided exceptional support during construction by maintaining safe work practice, identifying issues, questioning attitude, and resolution of unexpected issues.”
– Commonwealth Edison