Lindblad Launches Defensive Driving Program

Lindblad Construciton is utilizing a third party defensive driving school to provide training to employees that drive company vehicles. This program was launched in June 2021, and will continue through the summer and fall.

Defensive Driver In Depth Training

The program’s in-depth training consists of classroom instruction covering vehicle dynamics followed by hands-on driving experience that includes braking in wet condition and ABS operation, collision avoidance and skid control.

The second half of the course is classroom-based training of environmental conditions and distractions, followed by car-driven slalom with back-up component, and in-truck/trailer combination maneuvering exercises.

Scott Beaty from lindblad construction on-site defensive driving training

You are pushed out of your comfort zone and get to drive on a real course. The professionalism that the instructors approached these activities with was at an extremely high level, and the course is set up for real life driving scenarios. I do believe I learned things to apply in my everyday driving that will make me a better driver.

Bill R.

Superintendent, Lindblad Construction

The driver safety course that we had the opportunity to attend was not only fun but also very informational. We had the opportunity to put cars into maneuvers in a controlled environment that could possibly happen in a real world environment, which helps us as employees prevent a serious accident.

The trailer backing up exercises helped us understand how many blind spots you encounter while backing up a trailer and to know how important the spotters that we use on the job site actually are.

Butch M.

Crew Leader, Lindblad Construction