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75 Years of Experience and Expansive Work History

Lindblad Construction & Industrial Concrete Construction

about-lindblad-construction-body-copyThrough more than 75 years of experience and an expansive work history, Lindblad construction has developed expertise in heavy industrial concrete construction. It has been this extensive experience in high-precision concrete work and the development of crews that has set Lindblad apart from competitors.

Concrete construction has always been a major part of Lindblad’s self-performed work, with numerous projects being completed in the industrial area including power generation and distribution, refinery, chemical, gas transmission, and plant maintenance.

Lindlad Construction Concrete Services

  • Mass concrete pours
  • Building foundations
  • Floors & pavement
  • Site work concrete
  • Major equipment foundations
  • Pits & containment
  • Flood mitigation
  • Blast walls

Not only does Lindblad employ professional and experienced concrete crews, Lindblad also provides customers with knowledgeable crews in the installation of both cement and epoxy based grouts.

It has been Lindblad’s vast experience in various types of concrete construction and our commitment and dedication to safety, quality, and timely completion that make us one of the leading concrete contractors.

“It was a pleasure working with the field crews and management team. All individuals were professional, maintained excellent communication, and performed work expeditiously.”

– Mac Industrial Services, Inc.

“I was at a ComEd site earlier today. As a part of my survey, I was asked to attend a de-briefing by a Lindblad foreman, Patrick – who I thought did a GREAT JOB sharing with the folks in our group what the hazards were and what to be cognizant of.  Additionally, because we did NOT have FRC’s we were asked to stay outside of harm’s way on the site.  Obviously, I’ve attended these in the past during my surveys with Lindblad but, again thought he did a good job. Patrick was thorough, professional and demonstrated that he’s a safety advocate….my compliments!”
– Travelers Insurance

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