For Lindblad Construction,this project was a new high in low-heat concrete placement.

By Joe Nasvik

concrete-slabAfter 56 years, the coal-fired power plant was worn out and obsolete. Corn Products International, Westchester, Ill., built the boilers and generators on late 1948 to provide steam and electricity for its manufacturing plant in Bedford Park, Ill. To replace this resource, Corn Products is now building a state-of-the-art power plant that will burn high-sulfur Illinois coal and meet all current emission requirements. The State of Illinois provided funding for this purpose. The new plant will cost $907 million and be completed in 2006. Guy Buchner, the engineering manager for Corn Products, says the new facility will include a “1.1-million-poind-per-hour 100-megawatt, circulating fluidized bed boiler.” A byproduct ¬†of the boiler will be high grade fly ash, which Corn Products plants sell-hopefully to the concrete industry.

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